City Walks

Would you like to discover the Old Quarter - its markets, its mansions, its shrines, its pagodas?  How about learning about the details of French Architecture in Hanoi?  So, you're a temple/pagoda kind of person? Discover Hanoi on our popular guided walks!

We invite you to uncover hidden shrines and pagodas, navigate Hà Nội’s bewildering markets, rediscover its architectural pearls, and wander down the Old Quarter’s crooked alleys.

Different walks are scheduled each month, each conducted by a well-informed volunteer.  Walks are conducted in English, French, and Japanese (not at the same time!)  Look for one of the following walks on our calendar:

Hoàn Kiếm Lake ho hoan kiem.jpg, Hàng Đào Street and the old quarter, Đồng Xuân Market Dong Xuan Market.jpg, Hàng Da Market Area, Lãn Ông (Traditional Medicine) Lang Ong.jpg Street, Ba Đình Area, Cathedral, the French Concession French Concession.jpg, Quán Thánh Temple and Trúc Bạch Lake Tran Vu.jpg , Bạch Mã Temple, and the History Museum History Museum.jpg.

These walks will introduce you to some not so well-known nooks and crannies of the city. Each will give you more background information on some of the wonderful historical and cultural sites. Walk with us through the alleys around Đồng Xuân Market, or poke around Ngũ Xã village and find out more about the black bronze Amithaba Buddha which weighs 10 tons. Take a look inside lesser known pagodas and temples or find out where the big Bào An temple complex once stood.

We hope you will join us in one of these relaxed (well, except for the traffic!) strolls around the city.  To sign up, click on the particular walk on our calendar and send an e-mail to the guide.

Each walk takes approximately 2-3 hours and is led by an FVH volunteer who will guide you toward a greater appreciation for the past and present of Hanoi.

Cost:  70,000 vnd per person