The Music Section is the newest section of FVH. We aim to provide a monthly performance of Vietnamese music accompanied by an explanatory lecture, often calling upon the expertise of the Vietnamese Institute of Musicology. Our activities include ethnic musical recitals held in Hà Nội, performances of Vietnamese theatre, and day trips to local villages to hear traditional instruments in their natural settings. 



This Month's Event:  Concert and Museum Visit at the Vietnam Institute of Musicology 

Back by popular demand following last year's interesting event, the Vietnam Institute for Musicology has agreed to organize a special visit for Friends of Vietnam Heritage (FVH). The Vietnam Institute for Musicology (VIM) is a government research institute which promotes an understanding and appreciation of the music of all the ethnic groups in Vietnam. They have a large collection of musical instruments, their own recording studios and research staff of specialist musicologists. 

The  Vietnam Institute for Musicology art group will introduce some unique Vietnamese musical instruments in 3 parts: 

Firstly, all the musicians will open the event with a Chingkram performance of the Giarai ethnic group.  


Dan Tranh.pngDan Tranh

Secondly, the institute will present the extraordinary traditional instruments of eight of Vietnam’s diverse ethnic groups, including the stunning Dan Tranh (a 16 chord instrument); the romantic Sáo trúc (Bamboo flute); and seven string and percussion instruments. Have you ever played a Vietnamese banjo (Đàn nguyệt)?  This is your opportunity. 

Finally, the concert will finish with some traditional singing and evocative folk songs to the accompaniment of these instruments. Participants will be treated to Ca trù singing: a tradition that has been accorded World Heritage status by UNESCO. The grand finale will be a Mường gong concert, performed by all the artists 

The Vietnamese Institute of Musicology (VIM) is located in Mỹ Dình in the suburbs of Hanoi so FVH will provide transport to and from the centre of Hanoi to VIM.  


Time:17 April, Concert starts at 9:00 AM until 11:30 AM  

Place:Meet bus transportation at 08:30 AM at Sofitel Plaza Hotel (Duong Yen Phu) 

Cost:250,000 vnd (includes transportation)